Assessment, Treatment, and Results.

We have a devoted following for all of our skin care treatments for the face and body. People come in for waxing and become fanatical about our facials.

Our goal is radiant and healthy skin for all of our guests, and it all starts with a consultation. Based on a private skin analysis and assessment of your skin care type and needs, we design a personalized treatment plan. After your first treatment, you'll notice results that will continue to evolve. Your skin will be cleaner, brighter, more hydrated and healthier.

No matter what your skin type, your esthetician at Cleise Spa will recommend at-home products and treatments to deliver continuous results and help you obtain healthy luminous skin. We offer a full menu of Brazilian treatments in waxing, facials, body care and massage. Our entire team is committed to helping clients of all ages maintain their health, vitality, youthfulness and overall wellness.

I believe that the synergy of devotion to customer care and established clinical expertise is the hallmark of our Spa. I have selected and personally trained a team that shares my passion for service excellence, skin care and Brazilian techniques.
For more than 15 years I have dedicated myself to developing concepts and treatments that work, providing unique services and seeking out innovative that deliver results. If you are a client already, I want to thank you for your loyalty and trust. If you haven't visited us yet, please make an appointment soon. It would be my pleasure to welcome you to Cleise Brazilian Day Spa.

Meet Cleise

Thank you for visiting the Cleise Brazilian Day Spa web site. I have brought to Chicago some of the signature beauty treatments and techniques that have made Brazil renown throughout the world for its approach to beauty and wellness.

Before coming to Chicago in 2000, I lived in Recife where I worked for many years alongside prominent Brazilian cosmetic surgeons. When I arrived here, many of Chicago's premiere day spas welcomed me - seeking my expertise to train their estheticians in Rio de Janeiro's Bikini Carioca waxing techniques.

From the beginning, my dream was to create a unique oasis where I could offer my clientele a little bit of Brazil. In 2005, I found the perfect setting in a charming Lincoln Park brownstone. In 2009, I took great pleasure in opening a location in River North where we now operate exclusively. I have designed an oasis where guests can relax and rejuvenate.

Recife Foundation & Philosophy Recife Rooted in BRAZIL

Recife is the Capital of the State of Pernambuco in Brazil. Recife's name was derived from the Portuguese word for reef, referring simply to the city's location alongside a stunning coastal reef. The exclusive Boa Viagem district (where I come from) is a waterfront paradise, situated in the center of Recife. It boasts the region's finest beaches, upscale dining and retail districts. Often called the Venice of Brazil due to its many canals, bridges and tiny one-way streets, Recife is a glorious and sensual city. Unlike Chicago, the annual snow fall average is ... zero!

Our Staff

Meet our team personally selected and trained by Cleise.
A team of professionals assembled to bring you the best spa experience in Chicago.

“I believe that the synergy of devotion to customer care and established clinical expertise is the hallmark of our Spa. I have selected and personally trained a team that shares my passion for service excellence, skin care and Brazilian techniques. Come experience the difference of our clinical approach to beauty.”



After venturing out into the business world, Lisa realized she needed an outlet for the passion she felt for skin care and chose a career in esthetics, and she's oh so glad she did. She formulated her skills at Tricoci University and developed them to a higher level upon joining Cleise Brazilian Day Spa. Loving what she does shows in her desire to provide superior service to each and every one of her clients. Lisa is about getting results for her clients - her client's satisfaction is Lisa's top priority.



Dana's interest in everything skin started at Illinois State University working with stage makeup. After graduating from an LA makeup academy she started doing makeup for brides. She soon realized in order for the makeup to be effective it needed a good palette, so she took the next step and trained in the field of esthetics. She is passionate about the science of the skin / how skin is affected by different ingredients. Upon joining Cleise Brazilian Day Spa and being exposed to the techniques of successful waxing, Dana uncovered a talent for it, and now is delighted to be able to provide her clients a whole range of services.



Erica has been a skin care fanatic from a young age, wanting to educate others about proper skin care. Although she holds advanced degrees in in music, she decided to follow her passion and received her training in esthetics from Pivot Point Academy. Upon joining Cleise Brazilian Day Spa, Erica has been able to perfect her waxing skills and expand her abilities in skin care, helping her clients to take care of their skin when not at the Spa. She is detail oriented and strives to make you look and feel your best.



Prior to arriving in Chicago, Darinka graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from a European University. Upon arriving in the United States she started looking for a way to express herself through a different medium, and she decided that becoming an Esthetician would allow her to do just that. Darinka feels that "as an artist, I see beauty in everything, every face, every small detail." She believes that every client gives her the opportunity to do her best work, to weave her magic and create her masterpiece. Towards that end, Darinka carefully plans and customizes each and every treatment. To help educate her clients on the use of products to continue with the results she achieves for them is all important to her. Darinka delights in making everyone feel welcome and at home while in her care.



Upon graduating from Lewis School and Clinic of Massage, Mari set out to perfect her craft. Mari comes to Cleise Spa after many years of polishing her skills as a massage therapist. Deep tissue has always been the staple in her varied menu of available massages. Recently Mari added cupping to her expertise and is able to add this to her massage protocols when clients so desire. Mari’s mantra is: Always listen carefully to the client as everyone has different needs and concerns.


Cleise has been tireless in researching the product lines carried at the Spa. Her goal is to help every client improve the youthfulness and vitality of their skin and she has personally selected products that will help achieve that goal. All product lines have been proven safe and effective in protecting the skin from environmental factors such as free radicals and sun exposure. Cleise's knowledgeable staff will make appropriate recommendations based on your skin type and needs.We have a devoted following for all of our skin care treatments for the face and body. People come in for waxing and become fanatical about our facials.

You will fall in love with our treatments and
become addicted to the results.

Doctor's Program

Developed in Brazil by a renown plastic surgeon, this skin care program has been proven worldwide to restore healthy skin conditions - skin that has suffered from hyperpigmentation and acne. - Discover the results for yourself.

Three stars of the program are:

  • 4% Glycolic Acid - used on sensitive or dry skin to remove oil and dead cells
    10% Glycolic Acid - especially for oily skin to remove dead cells and speed up treatment of wrinkles on sun damaged skin
  • ANTIOXIDANT "C" LOTION - when used regularly promotes skin to achieve a healthy radiant glow while reducing fine lines and medium wrinkles
  • ADVANCED NUTRI LIP - avoids de-hydration of the lips. Regular use will combat the appearance of fine lines and premature lip aging.
  • Jan Marini

    JAN MARINI strives to empower skin care professionals with the knowledge they can use to educate the consumer - consumers who can then make buying decisions based on attainable expectations.

    At the heart of the company is the Skin Care Management System - designed to measurably improve with proper usage the appearance of common skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne, redness and hyperpigmentation.

    The System consists of 5 major concepts and there are products to address each phase: CLEANSE, REJUVENATE, RESURFACE, HYDRATE AND PROTECT

    The JAN MARINI System is the winner for 4 consecutive years of "New Beauty" magazine's BEST ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE SYSTEM award.

    Skin Renu

    Dr. Leigh Hopkins, founder of Skin Renu, believes that once " skin is corrected to its normal state, it can control and deter most negative environmental effects." With continued use, Skin Renu can get your skin back to a younger look with increased elasticity.

    The Eyes Have It - Skin Renu can help restore your eyes natural beauty with 4 key products:

  • Serum W - Botox in a Bottle for wrinkles around the eyes
  • Serum P - designed to diminish the puffiness under the eyes
  • Serum DC - lightens and reduces dark circles
  • Anti Wrinkle Dark Reducing Formula - tackles the dark circles as well as wrinkles and finelines
  • Gernetic

    Skin care with a European Touch - "a revolutionary alternative skin care brand suitable for all ages and all skin types" developed in Paris. Every product Gernetic makes helps to regenerate and protect the skin, harnessing the bodys own healing process. Gernetic can let your skin discover its vitality and beauty from within.

    There are 4 products every woman would love to have in her regimen:

  • GLYCO - A universal cleansing milk that helps eliminate dead cells
  • FIBRO - A toner for all skin types to cleanse pores in depth
  • SYNCHRO - A splendid anti-aging renewal cream. As the star of the line It reestablishes the pH of the skin
  • IMMUNO - A regenerating cream mask to also reestablish the pH of the Skin
  • RX Systems

    Created so that everyone could bring out his or her most "everyday fabulous" self. RX Systems has developed "a complete line of pH balanced..based products..for the face and body". Always striving to advance skin care through research as well as medical experience to provide products "priced for the masses", RX offers several programs aimed at anti-aging, hydration and oil balancing.

    ACNE CONTROL CLEANSER AND ACNE CONTROL LOTION - clients fighting acne have raved about the results they are experiencing using these two products. The salicylic acid in the cleanser works to dissolve oil and exfoliate clogged pores, blackheads, and acne, while the acne control lotion gets rid of dead cells and reduces the bacteria that leads to blemishes.

    PFB Vanish

    Vanish was designed to offer relief from ingrown hairs and razor burn/bumps which can result from waxing or shaving. Vanish containing salicylic and glycolic acid, gently exfoliates to "lift ingrown hairs." Their trademark statement says it all - "Get a Brazilian today, and get intimate tonight."


    Colorescience is the perfect blend of color and science - a luxury mineral make-up line. The products were designed to help "achieve a flawless even complexion" while protecting the skin from the damaging effect of the environment and sun exposure. A full line of makeup from primers to finishing spray all designed with protection from sun exposure in mind - Sun protection is their middle name.

    SUNFORGETTABLE - provides ultimate protection against the ravages of the sun and the aging effects that result. It is easy to apply and even reapply throughout the day so your skin remains beautiful while being protected.


    The revolution in Body Wraps - redefining your curves - Nothing to lose but inches

    The BIOSLIMMING Trio was designed to enhance and maintain the results achieved after the Bioslimming Spa Treatment

  • ACTIVE SLIM GEL - Focus on slimming and cellulite - reduces the appearance of cellulite, acts on skin firmness and induces fat burning
  • ACTIVE SLIM CREAM - Focus on slimming and fat deposits - enhances weight loss and improves appearance of stretch marks
  • ULTRA SLIM EFFECT - Focus on slimming and firming action - boosts Elimination of fat with its draining action
  • Policies


    To secure your desired time, schedule your appointment early and let us know whether you prefer a particular technician. A credit card number is required to hold all spa reservations. Nothing will be billed to your account until services are rendered. Please, see cancellation policy.


    We request the courtesy of a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule your service appointment. If we do not receive at least 24 hour notice or if you are a no show, a 50% fee "will" be charged to your credit card. Gift Certificates "will" be reduced to half value.

    Party Scheduling

    Wedding or baby shower, birthday celebrations, or just friends gathering are welcomed. Please contact us for arrangements.

    Esthetician Selection / Cleise Prices

    If you feel you would be more comfortable or better served by another esthetician - or if you would just like to gain a different experience perspective - please let us know when scheduling your appointment.

    Please note that all services with Cleise are at a different price

    Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time allowing enough time to check in and prepare for your treatment. Your treatment will start on schedule. If you arrive late for your service, your treatment may be modified. All treatments end on time for the convenience of the next guest.

    During Your Visit

    To gain the most benefit out of your treatment, communicate with your therapist. Your experience and enjoyment are most important to us, so let us know if you have any concerns about your treatment, music volume or other issues.


    Please do... leave babies, children and pets at home. Turn off cell phones and pagers. This is your time to relax. Inform our front desk staff if you have any special needs or concerns to allow us to ensure your time spent with us is a memorable experience. We continue to ensure a healthful environment for our guests by upholding a no smoking policy.


    We are not responsible for lost or stolen items and encourage you to leave valuables at home.

    Age Requirements & Children

    Spa treatments are designed for guests at least 16 years of age. Children under 12 are not permitted in the spa facilities. Please arrange for child care prior to your visit.


    Gratuities are not included in treatments, promotions or gift certificates - however they may be included when purchasing packages. Your gratuity is greatly appreciated. For your convenience there are envelopes available at the front desk. Gratuities for technicians are accepted by credit card or cash only.

    Gift Certificates

    Certificates are available for all services and products. Gift Certificates/Gift Cards are non-refundable as well as being non-redeemable or replaceable if lost or stolen. If you have a gift certificate, please mention it when scheduling your appointment as the number will be asked for. You will need to bring the certificate when coming to the Spa. All certificates may be purchased through our website, by telephone, or in the spa for any amount $50+. All certificates are valid for a period of one year from date of issue. Once expired, certificates will be reduced by 50% of the original value. Reductions of 50% in value also apply for no shows.


    All of our spa services may be customized into an individual package to fit your personal needs.


    We reserve the right to require a medical consent before initiating certain treatments. In the absence of a medical consent, we require that you sign a liability waiver prior to your service. Let us know in which trimester you are when scheduling your appointment.

    Methods of Payment

    We accept Cash and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards).

    Return & Exchange

    If you need to return or exchange a purchase you may do so within 14 days of purchase. Products are required to be in the original condition and accompanied by a receipt. If you return your purchase, upon verification that it is in the original condition, we will issue a credit card refund or arrange a product exchange. All shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Packages requiring exchange would incur additional charges both to and from the customer unless the return is as a result of our error. After 14 days products can not be returned or exchanged.